Keywords: Editorial, Cinematography in Progress, Issue 1


The editorial board of Cinematography in Progress is proud to announce the publication of our first issue Reaching Out (May, 2021). This is the first academic research group and first double-blind peer-reviewed journal publication with a sole focus on cinematography in the world. The members of our board belong to the International Joint Research Group, also called Cinematography in Progress, with the chair at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium (VUB, English: Free University of Brussels) in collaboration with the Hoge Schule der Medien Stuttgart, Germany (HdM, English: The Stuttgart Media University), and Universidade Lusófona Humanidades e Tecnologias ULHT, Lisbon, Portugal (English: Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies). We want to connect with cinematographers and researchers alike through our peer-reviewed publication platform; an online open access journal with a continuing publication. The genesis of our journal and research group has consisted of three international conferences on the teaching and research of cinematography. They have been a joint venture organised by The International Federation of Cinematographers (IMAGO) and its education committee. The need for a journal was born during the third conference, which was held in Brussels in April 2019, in order to publish the conference proceedings.

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