We facilitate and promote research into the different aspects of cinematography, especially its role in narrative fiction film. As the art and craft of cinematography is little understood we want to research the storytelling capacity of moving images, and this to promote visual literacy. In this fast-paced age, the hunger of how to create emotions evoking images-and how it is perceived- is big.

A key objective is to build a bridge between film practice and film studies. The argument for tapping into the knowledge of cinematographers lies in the simple fact that since the existence of cinema, cinematographers, or cameramen as they were first known, were always there. Cinematographers have been there since the inception of the motion picture. Cinematography does not limit itself to techniques but includes the "development of the eye", film history, the study of art history, optics and established techniques alongside the effects of digital workflow and other more recent developments in the digital domain. We want to investigate the link between the creation, the projection and the perception of visual media and it’s communication.