An introspection of an African educator in the 21st century

Keywords: Culture, Experience, Practice, Politics, Adapt pluralism


Pedagogy in the 21st century continue to experience significant adaptations and revisions to suit the ever-changing needs of modern learners. Often achieved at the back of technological advancements cultural pluralism, these pedagogical demands impact how education is tailored to meet the demands of the epoch. Image and representation which is a key area of focus is given prominence in this discussion so as to establish some of the lapses in the educational system.  The contemporary focus on of pedagogy is reflected in the 2017 policy advice paper by the UNESCO which examines the essence of pedagogy vis-à-vis the changing global technological landscape and projects into its impact on education by 2030. If pedagogy encompasses the teaching, learning and culture, then the students, teachers and the community become major stakeholders in the acquisition and impartation of quality knowledge and skill. With a personal career span of twelve years as a creative arts educator in visual storyteller, it became clear that governments through the management of schools, need a system that is continuously used to assess the teachers’ course manual, delivery of the course content, the classroom communications between the teacher and the learners, the teacher’s assessment methods for both practice and theories, and the performance of the learners.

Author Biography

Yao Joseph Ladzekpo, National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), Accra - Ghana

Yao Joseph Edem Homadji Ladzekpo is a cinematographer, photographer, fixer, museum & heritage scholar, and educator. He is currently lecturing at the National Film and Television Institute and is an Adjunct Faculty member of Webster University – Ghana. He has a lot of production credits as DP. He believes in learning, creating, and sharing knowledge on image creation, heritage, and culture.

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