Who cares about cinematographers? A bibliometric study

Keywords: cinematography, cinematographers, bibliometric study, film studies


Cinematographers are essential to the visual creation of films but have been insufficiently studied in the academic world, despite having abundant publications regarding their discipline in the form of magazines such as American Cinematographer, which has been continuously published since 1920. This study examines how many academic articles have been published in Web of Science regarding cinematographers using a bibliometric study. The terms “cinematographer” and “director of photography” were searched and resulting entries were used to examine the number of articles per year, journals, languages, nationalities and citations received. Results indicate the impact of studies regarding cinematographers is limited.

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McGowanN., & Fernández-RamírezL. (2021). Who cares about cinematographers? A bibliometric study. Cinematography in Progress, 1(1). Retrieved from https://cinematographyinprogress.com/index.php/cito/article/view/71