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After a five-year break, the Visual Media Lab (VML), an institute integrated into the Audiovisual Media program of Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart is organizing a VML conference in March 2023. Focussing on topics such as virtual production, high dynamic range and wide color gamut, speakers from the industry are also welcome to network with other experts and talented students. The top-class speakers will offer exciting lectures on the topics color management, extended realities, LED lighting technology, and many more. Among others, the image design team of the Netflix series "1899" will be present. During the CITO workshop we will discuss aspects of researching and teaching  Virtual Cinematography.


Author Biography

Marijke Van Kets, Director of Photography

Marijke Van Kets is a cinematographer. Her body of work includes feature films, commercials, video clips and her specialty is in stop motion animation films. Over the past twenty years, Marijke also taught a variety of cinematography courses at film schools in Singapore and Belgium.  She is a member of the education committee of IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers.

Academic Achievements

Dr. Van Kets developed a theoretically-based insight into the perception of cinematography with her work titled “The emotions of a lens”. Thus, adding a novel focus to the field of conventional film studies. Her current research project, titled: Visual Storytelling “Qu’est-ce que la mise en scène?” investigates further the cinematographer’s role in the cinematographic discourse of a narrative film.

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